Okasandu hunting Safaris

"The Only man I envy is the man who has not yet been to Africa" -Richard Mullin

"Fair Chase Is Our Game"

„Fair Chase Is Our Game“ has been our guideline since we started our family owned business in 2017. The most important factor about hunting in africa is conservation. This means that the land has to be used to certain parameters to keep sure that nothing is lost or wasted. In hunting terms this means that we will try to hunt as ethicle as possible either from a highseat/blind or while stalking to make sure that the game we persue has a chance and this also makes the hunt for more exciting and memorable.

Furthermore it also means that we will try to hunt old and mature animals only.

Moreover, all the animals that we harvest will be the main sorce of meat for our evening dinners and also for the local families that live and work on our farm. 

Nothing will be wasted.